Toshl CSV Import

Helps you import your budget to Toshl

What is Toshl?

Toshl Finance is a funky mobile financial asisstant that makes finance fun. The goal is to get personal finance past the boring spreadsheets and graphs. Toshl Finance brings fun and emotion to personal finance, thus lowering the barrier and making it truly mainstream, worldwide. You shall find more useful information about Toshl here

What about Toshl CSV Import?

Toshl CSV Import is a cool tool I have created, so that I could import my past months' expensed kept in an old-school Excel worksheet, without having to manually add it one by one!

How to do I use Toshl CSV Import?

Step 1

Go to the landing page and click on Let's start button.

Step 2

Fill in your Toshl username / password and click Connect. That will allow Toshl CSV Import to do the job

Step 3

Download the CSV sample and fill in your own expenses. When you are done, click on Upload button and select your CSV file

Step 4

Review the information displayed in the log section, at the middle of the page. If it looks great, click on Import button

Step 5

That's all! You should now see your imported expenses at Toshl. So simple ;)

My expenses are on Excel, will it work?

Toshl CSV Import will not let you use an Excel file. Nevertheless, you can convert the Excel worksheet to a text file by using the Save As command and choose CSV (Comma delimited). Otherwise, use the sample CSV file and paste your expenses there!

Why do you need my Toshl password?

Toshl CSV Import does not store your Toshl your username, password or the submitted expenses at it's servers. You only submit your credentials into Toshl's authentication page, so that it allows Toshl CSV Import to use Toshl API. If you refresh the page, you will need to re-authenticate

Where may I find the sample file?

Grab the sample file here

Is it working?

No... Since Toshl API v2, this tool broke down :( As soon as Toshl API is available to 3rd party developers, we will be back online :)

What about my other questions?

Anything else, just drop me a line at toshlcsvimport